Bushman Monopod including counterweight and tripod base
Bushman Monopod
Bushman Monopod top
Bushman Monopod with counterweight
Bushman Monopod base with counterweight and tripod
Bushman Monopod base with tripod

Bushman Monopole Version 1 'The Claremont' 1.54m Monopod Pole for 360 Cameras

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Bushman 'The Claremont' 1.54m ORIGINAL Monopod Pole designed for small 360 degree VR Cameras


Bushman Panoramic's latest and most popular carbon fibre lightweight monopole / selfie stick is made of 4 sections of interlaced carbon and is the perfect solution for small 360° cameras such as the Kandao QuooCam or Ricoh Theta.
Nicknamed "The Claremont" (thanks to the 360 rumours website review!), it extends to 154cm making it perfect for realistic 360VR shots.  It is supplied with a 1/4" male thread on the top with a tiny diameter top pole to fit any small VR camera.  The 1/4" female Monopod base attaches to a removable 240 gramme counterweight to make the pole as stable as possible.  The Monopod  it can attach to any tripod. The Bushman Monopod includes a stable table tripod but can attach to any tripod for greater stability and height


  • 1/4M top thread to attach to the camera
  • Small diameter poles for minimum footprint
  • 1/4” F bottom thread attach to counterweight or tripod
  • 46cm long fits carry on luggage for a plane.
  • Stable table tripod and 240 gramme counterweight INCLUDED
  • Fits any 1/4" UNC tripod


 Telescopic Sections Four  19, 16, 13 & 10mm diameter
Dimensions Closed 46cm  Open 154cm  ( Fits in standard luggage)
Mounting Load 3 KG (Vertical)
Weight 0.7 KG