CamDo Underwater WiFi cable
CamDo Underwater WiFi cable attached to action camera housing
CamDo Underwater WiFi cable attached to GoPro Session
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CamDo New Underwater WiFi Extension Cables for Action Cameras

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CamDo NEW Underwater WiFi Extension Cables for Action Cameras


CamDo's NEW Underwater WiFi Extension Cables extends the above water WiFi and Bluetooth signal to an action camera underwater.  The interface with the camera is wireless so no direct connection is necessary and the camera's underwater housing remains un-compromised.  Available in 7, 15, 38 and 90 metre lengths these cables allow you to perform any normal WiFi or Bluetooth camera function.  The cable's "surface module" can be attached in close proximity to an Apple or Android device enabling you to control the camera's bluetooth / WiFi functions in the normal way via the cable such as viewing a live preview using the camera's App.  The surface end of the cable can be uncoupled so it can be passed through a bulkhead.

CamDo's NEW Underwater WiFi Extension Cable attaches to the "2pin action camera pivot mount" of a waterproof camera housing.  It's operating depth is only restricted by the performance of the underwater housing

 A selection of four cable lengths of 7, 15, 38 and 90m are available.  You should note that signals will decay over distance and may require boosting. It is also prudent to occasionally test the housing underwater without the camera installed.


  • Choice of four cable lengths up to 90m long
  • Wireless connection
  • Connection to the camera is not necessary
 Compatible With All GoPro Hero 8, Hero 7, Hero 6, Hero 5, Hero 4, Hero 3+ and Hero 3 cameras
Xiaomi Yi, Yi4K and Yi4K+ cameras
SJ Cam


CamDo Underwater WiFi Datasheet