Bushman Corepole showing OPTIONAL Litle Feet in flat position
Bushman Corepole with optional feet
Bushman Corepole showing OPTIONAL Little Feet in angled position
Bushman Corepole with That Spike and Tripod (order separate)
Bushman Corepole showing cable
Bushman Corepole Top Details Explained
Bushman Corepole base details explained
Bushman Corepole mounted on Tripod
Bushman Corepole with That Spike and cable detail
Bushman Corepole with That Spike (order separate)

Bushman BUNDLE 190cm Corepole VR complete with Little Feet for 360VR cameras

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Bushman BUNDLE 190 cm Corepole VR complete with Little Feet for 360VR camera systems


Hide unsightly cables INSIDE your monopole! Corepole is a 190cm long carbon fibre telescopic pole designed to run cables through it.  Ideal for 360 VR use where unsightly cables ruin image quality.  Three 'Little Feet' are included and can fit on the Corepole at a choice of two angles. The Corepole can also fit directly on top of Amarula VR tripods or on other tripods via the 3/8" tripod mount.


  • Four telescopic sections
  • Closes down to 67cm
  • Direct mount on Amarula tripod
  • Three 'Little Feet' included
  • 2 years warranty


 Telescopic Sections Four  44, 39, 35 & 31mm diameter
Dimensions Closed 67cm  Open 190 cm  ( Fits in standard luggage)
Mounting Load 12 KG
Weight 0.9KG
Top Mount
  • Interchangeable 1/4" or 3/8" male screw
  • Slot for cables
Bottom Mount
  • 3/8" tripod mount
  • 6 x 3/8"thread for fitting 3 x optional legs at two angles
  • Fits directly on to Amarula VR tripod