CamDo Blink time lapse controller
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CamDo Blink time lapse/motion controller

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CamDo’s Blink time lapse and motion detection controller for GoPro cameras is a low power, WiFi enabled accessory that unlocks the full potential of GoPro cameras


The Blink is compatible with all GoPro Hero 4 and Hero 3+ Black cameras and includes a USB connector which enables external camera power (camera battery can be removed thus reducing overheating).

When shooting video the power consumption varies greatly depending on resolution, frame rate, ProTune setting, action
in the video, camera temperature, lighting, etc.
However Blink powers your GoPro camera down between intervals, significantly increasing battery life and enabling long term time lapse sequences.

Blink also includes two 5mm inputs for remote trigger and connecting an optional X-Band motion detector.


• Connects directly on GoPro camera back
• Quick and simple to set up and configure
• Programme up to 10 different schedules
• Complete control via WiFi interface
• GoPro status information also via interface
• GoPro firmware update
NOT required
• Low power consumption
• Compatible with Ribcage modifed cameras
• USB connection and 2 x 5mm accessory inputs • Optional X-Band motion detector


Blink Power Usage

WiFi ON 51 mW
WiFi OFF 5.6 mW
Motion Detector Active (WiFi OFF) 11 mW

Camera Power Usage

Hero 4 Black Camera ON 1.7 Watts ,  Hero 4 Black Camera OFF 0.02 Watts

USB Interface

External camera power Firmware update

LED Indicator

Provides feedback information during operation and firmware updates

5mm Input

Accepts wired remote or other custom trigger

5mm Accessory Input

For optional X-Band motion detector

Compatible Cameras

GoPro H4B, H4S & H3+B 



CamDo Blink Datsheet (PDF)