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CamDo UpBlink time lapse/motion controller

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CamDo’s UpBlink time lapse and motion detection controller for GoPro cameras is a low power, WiFi enabled accessory that helps unlock the full potential of GoPro cameras.


The CamDo UPBLINK is a long-term timelapse camera controller specifically designed for GoPro Hero 5 Black cameras to upload images to CamDo CLoudX Pro or another FTP site.  It is also totally comatible with Hero 6, 7, 8 cameras but CAN NOT upload images.  UPBLINK is perfect for construction timelapse applications.

A local WiFi network or a data hotspot is required.  If using a hotspot, just plug a compatible hotspot into the USB-A port of UpBlink.  An optional file upload service is available by purchasing CLOUDX PRO service from CamDo.


• Compatible with GoPro Hero 5-8 cameras*
• Connects to GoPro Hero camera USB port
Intuitive web based interface
• Complete control to programme up to 4 different schedules via WiFi interface
• WiFi interface for download of footage
• Upload images to CloudX Pro platform (Hero 5 Black ONLY)
• GoPro status information also via interface
• Low power consumption

• Compatible with Ribcage modifed cameras
• USB connection and accessory inputs

* UpBlink can only trigger GoPro Hero 6-8 cameras, however, it can only upload images from the Hero5. CamDo are working on more camera compatibility right now!


Blink Power Usage

WiFi ON 51 mW
WiFi OFF 5.6 mW

Camera Power Usage

Low power consumption

USB Interface

External camera power Firmware update

LED Indicator

Provides feedback information during operation and firmware updates

5mm Input

Accepts wired remote or other custom trigger

5mm Accessory Input

For optional X-Band motion detector

Compatible Cameras

GoPro Hero 5 and Back-Bone Ribcage Modified Hero 5 cameras. (including image upload)
 GoPro Hero 6, 7 & 8 plus Back-Bone Ribcage cameras versions (no image upload)



CamDo UpBlink Datsheet (PDF)