Entaniya 250 degree M12 lens
Entaniya 250 degree M12 lens with Euro
Entaniya 250 degree M12 lens angle of view
Entaniya 250 degree M12 lens image area on sensor
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Entaniya 250 degree M12 4K Fisheye Lens

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Entaniya 250 degree M12 4K Fisheye Lens


The NEW Entaniya ENTAPANO range of Fisheye lenses achieves unique wide-angle images well beyond a normal field of view. The lenses are designed for 360 degree image capture using cameras like the Ribcage modified 1/2.3” CMOS GoPro.

Standard 180 degree fisheye lens are not always able to capture the upper and lower aspects of an image which will be missing when converted into a panoramic image. The Entaniya ENTAPANO Fisheye lens range correctly resolves images at approximately

190° degrees enabling flawless, seamless panoramic images to be captured.

The current range covers 220°, 250° and 280°.


  • 1.38 mm lens
  • 4K Resolution
  • PERFECT for GoPro Ribcage cameras
  • Integrates with 1/2.3” cameras
  • Japanese lens technology & quality
  • Weight 79 grammes
  • Supplied with CS mount adapter, IR cut filter, Allen key and grub screws
  • 220 and 280 degree lenses also available
Focal Length 1.38mm
Image Format 1/2.3"
Adjustment Focus by adjusting the mount on the supplied CS-mount, 6x locking grub screws
Maximum Aperture F2.8 (Fixed)
Angle of View (HxV) 250 degrees x 250 degrees
Focussing Range 0.5m - infinity (from Front of Lens)
Lens Elements 11 Elements ED x 1, SHR x 2
Image Circle

Diameter 5.5mm (250 degrees x 250 degrees)
1/2.3" : 250 degrees x 195 degrees

Minimum Object Distance 0.5m
Resolution Suitable for 4K
Back Focal Length 2.3mm (in air) at infinity
Flange Focal Length 17.526mm (in air)
Mount M12 S-mount (metal)
Weight (g) 79 grammes
Dimensions 50mm (diameter) x 37mm (length)
Operating Temperature -10 to +50 degrees C (0 to +35 degrees C recommended)


PRODUCT DATASHEET:                                    

Entaniya 250 Degree Lens Data Sheet (PDF)