The MY110M 110 Degree Manual Iris Day/Night lens
Theia MY110M Lens drawing

Theia MY110M 110° C-mount 1/2.5" F1.8-C 3MP manual iris rectilinear prime lens

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The Theia Technologies MY110M 3 Megapixel 1.67mm C-mount Day/Night lens achieves 110° horizontal angle of view on a 1/3” sensor using patented Linear Optical Technology®.  It achieves an ultra-wide field of view with ULTRA LOW DISTORTION (<1% barrel).  It is suitable for camera sensors up to 1/2.5" and has a Manual Iris range from F1.8 -Closed.

The superior quality of this lens combines stunning performance with the highest build quality and will support sensor technology up to 3 megapixels resolution. It is ideal for a wide range of security, broadcast and industrial vision applications. This lens is also available in CS-mount SY110M and DC auto-iris SY110A. 



  • 1.67 mm lens
  • 3MP Resolution
  • Ultra Low Distortion
  • Integrates with 1/3” 1-CCD / CMOS HD cameras
  • Robust, precise mechanics
  • Weight 53 grammes
  • Uses Linear Optical Technology®
    N.B. The lens image will be inverted so the camera should be mounted upside down or the image inverted electronically
Focal Length 1.67mm
Image Format 1/3" up to 1/2.5" (with slight vignetting)
Adjustment Focus and iris adjustable with locking screws
Aperture Range F1.8 - Closed
Angle of View (H x V) 110 degrees x 94 degrees (H x V)  (1/3" sensor)
Image Circle 6.0mm diameter
Pan Focus Distance 0.5m - infinity
Modular Transfer Function 140 lp/mm @>20% edge
Minimum Object Distance 0.5m (0.1m by adjusting back focus)
Resolution Up to 3MP
Distortion <1% barrel at image edge (for 1/3" sensor)
Back Focus Adjustable
I/R Correction "Day/Night" lens
Flange Focal Length 17.526mm (in air)
Mount C-mount (metal)
Weight (g) 53 grammes
Dimensions 36.5mm (diameter) x 51mm (length)
Operating Temperature -20 to +50 degrees C


PRODUCT DATASHEET:                                     

Theia MY110M Lens Data Sheet (PDF)